All Shoe Repairs in Crows Nest

color restored red bootsMichael is skilled at all types of footwear repairs. He specialises in leather shoes including high-top riding boots, work boots, sandals and mens and ladies shoes including high heels and flats.

"No job is too hard for the Ultimate Cobbler"

Shoe repairs actually save money because quality shoes are expensive to buy and can be repaired and rejuvenated so that they look great and fit comfortably for a very long time. In fact, your favorite old shoes will fit better than a new pair because they have become fitted to your feet!

Come in to the Crows Nest shoe repair shop and ask Michael about fixing your favorite pair of shoes or boots - he gives free quotes and excellent service and the opportunities to save your footwear are sure to surprise you!

Crows Nest's Ultimate Shoe Repairs, Leather Restoration & Key Cutting.

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